Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Day

Last week, Billy kept reminding me that Saturday, 8:30 pm was Earth Day - an hour long observation of turning off all lights, TV, computers, etc. I told Hubby about it (on the night itself) and he wasn't too thrilled about it. There was a K1 fight going on and he wanted to see if the guy got the crap beat out of him.

But we did do the Earth Day thing and turned off all of our appliances and electronic stuff. Well, except for the fridge. To occupy the time, I took out all our leftover, extra birthday candles and decided to let Billy light them one by one. Did you know that it takes about 10 minutes for an average birthday candle to finally burn out?

The things you learn when you're in the dark. :)


Nerd Girl said...

I was at a quiz night for Earth Hour. We learned that quiz nights are hard to do without electricity (lights, microphone, overhead projector, etc.) but a lot more exciting.

Doddie said...

Nerd Girl,

I could just imagine (the quiz nights being exciting). Did you guys get a good score? :)


Nerd Girl said...

We came 4th. So close to comnig home with a basket of goodies...