Thursday, May 15, 2008

My unfortunate pachyderm experience...

I am well enough to post again but unfortunately I still have the dregs of the flu (inflammed sinuses + chronic upper jaw pain). You know what they say about laughter, it's the best medicine.

SCENE: One nice afternoon during a 3-day weekend. Park is full of kids and families enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

LOCATION: Children's Grand Park in Seoul, Korea

Me: Oh look, there are elephants! I have never seen elephants before.

Hubby: You've never seen elephants before?

Billy: I wanna see them but I don't wanna ride them.

ELEPHANT: (Whispering to his pachyderm pal on the left) I see another gullible family approaching us. Watch what I'll do to catch the mom.

Elephant Handler: C'mon feed the elephants, just a buck for a bag of carrots. Get your chance to feed the elephants!

Me: Oooh honey! We can feed the elephants. Lemme get a bag. (Hurries to buy a bag of cut up carrots).

Hubby: (rolls eyes and sighs).

ELEPHANT: Yeah lady, come and see if you can feed us. *Evil grin*

Me: I'm back with the carrots!

Hubby: Here Billy, now don't be afraid to give them the carrot.

Billy: Ok Dad!

ELEPHANT: Wait for it....

Billy: Here you go elephant!

ELEPHANT: Yeah kid give it here... Aaaa CHOO!

ME: (Mouth wide open while framing the shot... Elephant snot flies right in and lands inside the mouth) Acck! GASP, hack, sputter, cough.... (repeat)

Hubby: You okay honey?

Me: (wailing) The elephant sneezed and some of it landed in my mouth!!!!

ELEPHANT: Yes! Got one again

Hubby: (Trying hard not to laugh) You had elephant snot in your mouth???!!

Me: (still wailing and sputtering) Yeah! And it was salty!

Elephant: Told you I was gonna do something to the lady... (High-fives his fellow elephant)

Hubby: (turns away to hide his laughter) Maybe you will turn into a superhero. Remember Spiderman?

Billy: Cool!

Me: (still wailing and tries to scrub tongue with tissue) I've had strange things in my mouth but this is the weirdest!

*Note: Yes, we still bought more bags of carrots to feed the darn elephants. I even touched the trunk of one (no, not the one who sneezed on me). It was like touching a warm rubber hose covered with toothbrush bristles. Yes, I had to put up with elephant jokes for the rest of the day ... and trip from hubby and Billy. Aaargh!


Daina said...

Eeeeuuuuwwwww! Doddie: your unfortunate elephant experience is disgustingly gross and hysterically funny at the same time! Tell Billy that Auntie Daina has ridden elephants before....and camels....and a caribou.....and of course, horses.

interestinglyenough said...

Oh, so gross. If it makes you feel any better. One afternoon I discovered I had a strange whistling noise coming from my nose. So, I decided to exhale quickly through my nose to see if I could get rid of the whisling. However, a small piece of phlegm flew from my nose...directly into my sisters mouth. She completely freaked out and washed out her mouth for like 5 minutes.

Hee hee, thanks for the good story. I'm sorry you had such a gross experience.